Body and soul must always be kept in balance, then life is full. 
Massage is the only one that does this simultaneously.

Massage works on the body on two levels – physical and mental. Physical – rubbing the body generates heat and increases blood circulation, it affects the lymphatic system and supplies the blood with more nutrients. Psychic – through touch, massage works on the nervous system and affects the hormone growth cycle. 

Massage relaxes sore and tense muscles, speeds up the metabolism,activates the lymphatic circulation, cleanses the body of wasteproducts, improves blood circulation, has a relaxing effect in cases ofmental and physical overstrain, and increases the body’s resistance to disease.

Price List

Instructions before and after massage​

Thai massage – The client must have sports clothing

It is beneficial to drink more fluids than usual to help eliminate waste products from the body.

Hairdo by Liudmila

Juuksur & Barber

Varvara on aastaid töötanud juuksurina. Ta on spetsialiseerunud keerulistele värvimistehnikatele, pakkudes ka meestele juuksuriteenuseid.


Manicure & Pedicure Technician

Anna is a very successful specialist in both manicure and pedicure. Anna does modelled gel polish and correction on short nails.


Make-up & Eyebrow Technician

Anastasiia is a talented make-up artist. She is experienced in both party and everyday make-up.In addition, she is a skilled eyebrow artist.