Eyebrows and eyelashes

Are your eyelashes straight and barely noticeable?

Are you tired of mascara smearing on your under-eyelids? Want to wake up every morning looking gorgeous but don’t feel like putting on mascara?

Eyelash extensions give you thick, stunning lashes. They give you an intense look while saving time in doing your makeup. There are a variety of eyelash extensions with different lengths and curvature, which means that even fans of a natural look can get beautiful, yet discreet eyelash extensions.

Classic lash extensions:

Classic extensions are applied in a one-on-one method, that is, glued to one of your natural lashes. The result is natural, the eyes appear darker and more prominent. With classic lash extensions, we can choose the length of the lashes according to your preference and your own lash length, as well as different curvatures and thicknesses to suit your eyes and lashes individually.

Volume lashes:

Volume lashes consist of handmade 3-6D lashes, the result is denser and more even. The lashes are soft and fluffy, easy to comb and generally last better than classic lash extensions thanks to a different application method. The volumized lashes themselves are super fine and soft, with 3 to 6 wonderfully fine hairs in a single funnel, and are glued precisely to one of your own eyelashes.

Does the lash lift give noticeable results for everyone?

Yes. As the lashes are lifted from the root of the lashes and a beautiful arch is created, the lashes will appear longer, more curved after the procedure making the eyes look brighter. Chemical eyelash tinting tints darker lash tips that were previously undetectable. When coloured with mascara, the effect is definitely even greater.

Price List

Instructions before and after lash extension treatment

It is recommended to come to the procedure with unpainted eyelashes. The specialist finds out the desired result, chooses the appropriate sized pillows. The silicone pad is then placed on the eyelids and the upper eyelashes are turned to the pad. Then, the necessary fluids are applied to perform the bending. As a final finishing touch, the client’s eyelashes are dyed. The procedure takes 60-75 minutes. (depends on the customer’s eyelashes)

Are there any contraindications?

No. The procedure is completely painless and does not in any way damage the client’s natural lashes or the growth cycle. However, it is recommended to leave the lashes to rest for at least 4 weeks after the lash extensions have been removed (depending on the condition of the lashes).

AFTER care

The Lash Lift procedure does not require any special at-home care or visits to the beauty salon. From the moment the procedure is performed, avoid 24h sauna, heat and keep the lashes dry to ensure a longer lasting result. It is also not recommended to use mascaras, serums or mascara on the same day.

Do not repeat the procedure more than every 6 weeks.

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