Make-up and permanent make-up

Make-up is a very important part of our beauty salon, as the beauty salon’s CEO is passionate about the world of make-up and its charms.

We use the most up-to-date products, taking into account not only world trends, but also the client’s own preferences and facial characteristics, so that each and every one of You looks gorgeous on your special day.

Price list

Hairdo by Liudmila

Juuksur & Barber

Varvara on aastaid töötanud juuksurina. Ta on spetsialiseerunud keerulistele värvimistehnikatele, pakkudes ka meestele juuksuriteenuseid.


Manicure & Pedicure Technician

Anna is a very successful specialist in both manicure and pedicure. Anna does modelled gel polish and correction on short nails.


Make-up & Eyebrow Technician

Anastasiia is a talented make-up artist. She is experienced in both party and everyday make-up.In addition, she is a skilled eyebrow artist.