Make-up and permanent make-up

Make-up is a very important part of our beauty salon, as the beauty salon’s CEO is passionate about the world of make-up and its charms.

Ellen has been working as a makeup artist for 8 years already and went to over 30 different makeup courses by top professionals all over the world (Including Kim Kardashian’s Mario Dedivanovic, Jeffrey Star’s LipstickNick, Serdar Kambarov, Danessa Myricks etc) Besides, she has already more than 500 students, who learned makeup from her individually and also made 3 Makeup Masterclasses in Estonia. 

We use the most up-to-date products, taking into account not only world trends, but also the client’s own preferences and facial characteristics, so that each and every one of You looks gorgeous on your special day.

Price list


  • Glam make-up 50-70 EUR
  • Photo make-up 50 EUR
  • Bridal trial make-up 50-70 EUR
  • Bridal make-up 75-85 EUR
  • Soft glam 50 EUR
  • Make-up + Hairstyle 100-120 EUR

Permanent Make-up

  • Liner filling 170-200 EUR
  • Liner line with fade 200-300 EUR
  • Lip contour with fade 200-320 EUR
  • Powder fade 200-300 EUR
  • Imitation of natural eyebrows 200-300 EUR
  • Eyebrows + fade 300 EUR
  • Eyebrow Microblading 300 EUR

CORRECTIONS Permanent Make-up

  • CORRECTION Liner filling 100 EUR
  • CORRECTION Liner 150 EUR
  • CORRECTION Eyebrows 150 EUR
  • CORRECTION Microblading 150 EUR