Manicure and pedicure

Perfectly beautiful hands and feet.

Your hands and feet are made perfect not only by our professionals, but also by the excellent products that have been market leaders for years and are specially developed to exceed the expectations of the most demanding client.


Price list


  • Pedicure with gel polish removal (1h 30m) 45 EUR
  • Dual SPA pedicure with peeling and mask (2h 45m) 112 EUR
  • Dual pedicure with gel polish (2h 30m) 100 EUR
  • Dual pedicure without gel polish (2h) 80 EUR
  • Pedicure with massage (2h) 40 EUR
  • Pedicure with nail polish (2h) 45 EUR
  • SPA pedicure with a mask (2h) 45 EUR
  • Pedicure with gel polish (2h 30m) 50 EUR
  • SPA pedicure with peeling and mask (2h 30m) 50 EUR
  • SPA pedicure with nail polish (2h 45m) 56 EUR


Many years ago, the founder of the successful German company could never have dreamed that the products would be exported worldwide and that the company’s annual turnover would be admired by entrepreneurs. Alessandro’s products and services stand for maximum quality and innovative strength.

The company has regularly won prestigious beauty awards. This confirms a commitment to success and a commitment to be the leading specialist in achieving beautiful hands and well-groomed feet at the international level of excellence.

Alessandro’s quality and elegance, creativity and trendiness have led to collaborations with haute couture fashion houses such as Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy and Issey Miyake.

Since 1999, Alessandro has taken care of the nail design of models for fashion shows and photo sessions. For years, the fashion world has affectionately referred to her as the “nail queen”.

International trend researchers confirm that, compared to many of his competitors, alessandro has been one step ahead, anticipating the changing times and understanding his clients’ expectations. This has enabled it to become a leader in the professional beauty market. End-consumers also appreciate the company’s innovative approach to product development, which makes at-home hand, nail and foot care simple but effective.

Alessandro International is the undisputed market leader in quality services at international level.

The Mosaic nails system has been established in Estonia in 2007 by a specialist in his field and has since gained the approval of top nail technicians, in the process being refined every year to achieve the ideal consistency and gorgeous colour range that customers appreciate. LN Beauty is the official distributor of Mosaic nail products in Estonia.

Instructions before and after manicure and pedicure

It is not recommended to use cuticle oil and hand cream before the manicure procedure. 

Use daily hand cream and cuticle oil after the procedure!

Hairdo by Liudmila

Juuksur & Barber

Varvara on aastaid töötanud juuksurina. Ta on spetsialiseerunud keerulistele värvimistehnikatele, pakkudes ka meestele juuksuriteenuseid.


Manicure & Pedicure Technician

Anna is a very successful specialist in both manicure and pedicure. Anna does modelled gel polish and correction on short nails.


Make-up & Eyebrow Technician

Anastasiia is a talented make-up artist. She is experienced in both party and everyday make-up.In addition, she is a skilled eyebrow artist.