Hair extensions

Do you want to add length and thickness in your natural hair?

We use Slavic hair in our work. These are natural hairs that result in more natural, stronger hair that can also be dyed and styled according to the client’s wishes.

Price List

  • Consultation 15min (Birgit Väina) FREE
  • Keratin installation 1 hair strand (Birgit Väina) 0.6 EUR
  • Maintenance 1 hair strand (Birgit Väina) 1 EUR
  • Consultation 15min (Sirli Sats) FREE
  • Installation tape 1 hair strand (Sirli) from 1.08 EUR
  • Application keratin 1 hair strand (Sirli) from 1.2 EUR
  • Maintenance tape (Sirli Sats) from 2.16 EUR
  • Maintenance keratin (Silri Sats) from 1.68 EUR
  • Hair extensions 35cm 90 EUR
  • Hair extensions 60 cm 140 EUR
  • Installation of hair extensions 1.08 EUR
  • Maintenance of hair extensions 2.16 EUR
  • Removal of hair extensions 1.08 EUR

Instructions before and after hair extension treatment

Birgit Väina: Before applying hair extensions, wash your head with shampoo, do not use conditioner or apply only to the ends of your hair. The natural length of the hair must be at least 10cm.

Sirli Sats: The fitting can be done if the client has hair growth of at least 3cm

Birgit Väina: The head should be washed in a natural position, not hair over the head and the right comb (tangle teezer) should be used. The hair should be patted (ideally in a braid) before going to bed.

NOTE: Wet hair should not be braided.

Do not put balms, masks, etc. on the attachment points and only use professional hair care products that are not too oily.

Sirli Sats: The client is not obliged to put their hair in a ponytail before they go to bed, it is more for their own comfort and if the client wants to sleep with their hair loose they have the option. 

NOTE: It is not allowed to go to bed with wet hair. It is not advisable to put masks/conditioner on the attachment points, nor oils, as it is very difficult to wash it out between the attachments.

Hair can be washed 24h after appointment but do not blow dry or wash hair over the head as this position will tear the hair out by the roots. 

When traveling, be sure to wash your head after swimming in the pool/sea as chlorine and sea salt break down keratin.

Hairdo by Liudmila

Juuksur & Barber

Varvara on aastaid töötanud juuksurina. Ta on spetsialiseerunud keerulistele värvimistehnikatele, pakkudes ka meestele juuksuriteenuseid.


Manicure & Pedicure Technician

For healthy nails Anna is the address to go!

She is very successful both in manicure and pedicure treatments as well as different nail polishing techniques.


Make-up & Eyebrow Technician

Anastasiia is a talented make-up artist. She is experienced in complex make-up applications.  

Also she is a skillful eyebrow technician.