black by ln

Black by LN specializes in providing the highest quality of service and products to the men we work with.

Our main barber is a top professional who has been working as a barber for many years, using special techniques, offering not only a high level of service but also a real experience.

In our masculine Black by LN barbershop, you can also enjoy a glass of whisky, as befits a gentleman, to take yourself away from everyday worries and enjoy maximum relaxation.

Price List

  • Haircut 30 EUR
  • Haircut: up to 12 year-olds 25 EUR
  • Beard shaping 20 EUR
  • Haircut + shaving 55 EUR
  • Haircut + shaving + eyebrow treatment 60 EUR
  • Head shave 20-25 EUR
  • Hair dyeing + finishing products 25 EUR
  • Beard shaping and coloring 40 EUR
  • Facial treatment 40 EUR
  • Hair wash + hairstyle 15 EUR
  • Moustache 5 EUR

* The cost of finishing products is calculated per gram for each client.

“We are more than just a brand. We are more than just a lifestyle. Dick Johnson is an attitude. Dick Johnson is a CULT.” Dick Johnson walks the fine line between obscenity and luxury. 

Dick Johnson Factory, also known as Dick’s Brewery, is a Helsinki-based cosmetics factory. Since the highest quality standards are the priority, they still make many things by hand. Manufacturing methods enable them to work efficiently and flexibly and to constantly improve our products. 

They also offer to manufacture small, custom product lines. In order to only use the highest quality ingredients at the best market price, they work with many different suppliers. They invest in pure and environmentally friendly product manufacturing with organic ingredients.  

Dick’s Brewery has been awarded one of the most demanding certifications in the natural cosmetics industry, the ECOCERT organic certification, which is a guarantee of natural quality and clean manufacturing.